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Recognizing Podcasts that Shape Culture


Whether recording from the basement or in a state-of-the-art studio, with a celebrity or a best friend as co-host, in their first season or their twentieth, the best podcast creators are saying something that matters. Podcasts offer a refuge from the chaos of our media landscape, providing a haven where we can escape the deluge of meaningless snippets and immerse ourselves in the tranquil depths of ideas and expertise. Podcasters distinguish themselves through authenticity, approaching their craft with a sense of purpose, awareness, and discernment. Knowledge is acquired, minds are opened, motivation thrives– and culture is changed. Our mission at The Signal Awards is to recognize the podcasts that define culture.

In that spirit, we are launching a new slate of categories dedicated to the Podcasts That Shape Culture: Curators Shaping Culture, Athletes Shaping Culture, Artists & Designers Shaping Culture, Business People & Entrepreneurs Shaping Culture, and Comedians Shaping Culture. These new categories will offer the opportunity to recognize the immense influence that authentic storytelling and discussion can have on our culture at large.

About the Signal Awards

The Signal Awards seeks to honor and celebrate the people and content that raise the bar for podcasting.

Luminaries and leaders within the industry will judge Shows, Limited Series & Specials, Individual Episodes and Branded Shows & Advertising across categories ranging from Best Innovative Audio Experience to Best TV & Film Recap. See all categories here.

Winners will be announced on October 15, 2024. Then we party a few weeks after. You can read more key dates and info here.

Hope to hear you there.


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