2nd Annual Signal Winners Announced!

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Podcasts Are Everything


There’s a reason “What podcasts are you listening to these days?” feels like a more intimate question than “Seen any good movies lately?” 

Podcasts are everything. 

They’re any time, any topic, anyone, anywhere. 

We commute, work, eat, exercise, meditate, sleep and procrastinate to them. They’re unobtrusive, and highly disruptive. They’re uncannily authentic, stupid smart, and reliably surprising.

They’re the voices we’d rather have in our head than our own. 

And with a quarter million new ones popping up every couple months, there are bound to be countless underappreciated gems working hard to break through. 

Our mission is to work just as hard to find them, amplify them, share them and celebrate them. 

Let’s introduce our everything to everyone.



The Signal Awards seeks to honor and celebrate the people and content that raise the bar for podcasting.

Luminaries and leaders within the industry will judge Shows, Limited Series & Specials, Individual Episodes and Branded Shows & Advertising across categories ranging from Best Innovative Audio Experience to Best TV & Film Recap. See all categories here.

Winners will be announced on October 10, 2023. Then we party a few weeks after. You can read more key dates and info here.

Hope to hear you there.


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