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The Signal Judging Academy is a curated cohort of podcast professionals and on-mic talent.

Adam Sachs SVP, Team Coco
Michael Gluckstadt Director of Podcasts, HBO and HBO Max
Rachael King CEO, Pod People
June Cohen Co-Founder, WaitWhat
Tunde “TD” St. Matthew-Daniel SVP, Original Content, Wave Sports + Entertainment
Kenia Reyes Manager of Podcasts, Warner Bros. Discovery
Trent Gilliss Co-Founder, The On Being Project
Deontay Morris Podcast Editorial Community Lead, Spotify
Jasmine Hammond Community Manager, Monday.com
A.J. Feliciano Head of The Roost Podcast Network, The Roost Podcast Network
Stephen Perlstein SVP, Podcasts, Studio71
Brandon Grant Director of Marketing, The Moth
Julio Ricardo Varela President, Futuro Media
Kelly Garner Founder & CEO, Treefort Media
Molly Barton CEO & Co-Founder, Realm
Maurice Cherry Founder and Creative Director, Lunch
Lauren Passell Founder, Tink Media
Kathy Doyle Vice President, Content Development, Macmillan Publishers
Chris Kelly Partner/Creative Director, Kelly&Kelly
Kevin Y. Brown Chief Content Officer & Head of Strategy, Afripods
SuChin Pak Host, Add to Cart
JinJa Birkenbeuel President, Birk Creative
Jewel Bush Vice President, Health Equity & Justice, Real Chemistry
Krystle Waters Director of Content Promotion, Blue Wire
Sierra Reed Senior Director of Podcast Operations, Uran One
Maya Watson Head of Global Marketing, Club House
Kameel Stanley Program Director, Witness Docs, Stitcher
Josephine Martorana Executive Producer, Stitcher
Nora Ritchie Executive Producer, Stitcher
Amelia Chappelow Executive Producer, Stitcher
Kevin Kennedy President, Your Valuable Home
Tarah Malhotra-Feinberg SVP & Executive Producer, Man Enough, Wayfarer / Man Enough
David Shadrack Smith President, Part2 Pictures
Ifé Fatunase Multimedia Director, Human Rights Watch
Sandy Girard Executive Vice President, Programming, Crooked Media
Kirsty Hunter Founder, StoryHunter
Hala Taha Founder and CEO, YAP Media
Nicoline Greer Documentary Producer, RTÉ
Riccardo Haupt Head of Strategy, Will Media
Michael Salas CCO, C-Space Media
Joshua Williams CEO, C-Space Media
Imogen Arate Executive Producer and Host, Poets and Muses
Vinita Srivastava Producer and Host, The Conversation
Donna Peters Founder, The Me-Suite
Aleni Mackarey, PhD MS Executive Producer, Where Brains Meet Beauty Podcast
Matthew Jones Founder and Senior Producer, Rainbow Creative
Gabrielle Howard Creative Development Manager, Fred Rogers Productions
Tammy Rae Scott Consultant, Milo Starr Johnson
Anna DeShawn Co-Founder/CEO, The Qube
Lizzie Breyer Bowman VP of Growth and Marketing, Lemonada Media
Meredith Halpern-Ranzer Co-founder and CEO, Tinkercast
Tony Jones Founder, RI Free Radio
Buket Zor Composer, Music Producer, Sound Designer, Kloaq Audio Design
Daniel Sillem Head of Production, KLOAQ audio design
Lily Ames Head of Production, Chalk + Blade
Kristen Izatt EA, M&C Saatchi
Rhonda Head CEO/Founder, Indigenous Superstars
Noah O'Donnell Director of Outreach and Communications, Emergence Magazine
Caroline Gates DigitalAudio & Podcast Manager, SBS
Peter "P.J." Benoit Co-Host, Co-Founder, Producer, What The Parent? Podcast
Lisa Wisniewski Senior Producer, CBC
Marika Brownlee Director of Marketing, Headgum
Ola Salem Managing Editor, New Lines Magazine
Annie Downs Co-Founder, That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs / That Sounds
Kelli Haywood Co-Founder, That Sounds Fun Network
Fallon Klug Director of Operations, That Sounds Fun Network
Gautam Gulati Founder, Well Played
Amy Wilson Storytelling Coach, The Cincinnati Enquirer
Brian Barnes Managing Director, South of 2 Degrees
Àlex Badia Producer, Barret Cooperativa
Virginia Marshall Podcast Associate, Brooklyn Public Library
Allison Gill CEO, Executive Producer, MSW Media, Inc.
Margaret Ables Founder/CEO, Adalyst Media
Eli Woolery Co-host, Design Better Podcast, InVision
Frank LaFone Co-host, VerySpatial LLC
Barbara Maclennan Co-host, VerySpatial LLC
Natalie Davey Podcast Host/VP Partnerships, Ceres Productions
Nate DuFort Founder and Executive Producer, Soundsington Media
Jill Beytin Co-Founder, Bear Radio, Jill Beytin
Kate Hardcastle MBE Broadcaster & Founder, IWP
William Howell Senior Creative & Multimedia Director, Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition
David Lillemägi Executive producer, Spotify
Lettija Lee Host, Dream Chasers Brits in America Podcast
Steph Colbourn CEO, Editaudio
Jacob Bronstein SVP, Content & Development, Diversion Audio
Saadia Khan Founder, Producer & Host, Immigrantly Podcast
Chris Mascaro Host/Producer, Next on the Tee
Tonia Magras Executive Producer, The PowerPLAY Show
Susi O'Neill Head of Brand Content, Kaspersky
Charlotte Knowles CEO, Independent Film Trust
Fernando Lopez Managing Deputy Editor, ESPN Deportes
Ilana Susnow Head of Marketing & Audience Development, PodcastOne
Karen Whitehouse Executive Producer and Host, Who shat on the floor at my wedding?
Larry Robinson CEO, KUDZUKIAN
Adrian Vrijhoef Founder and sound creative, Kloaq audio design
Adell Coleman Chief Operations Officer, DCP Entertainment
Lory Martinez CEO & Founder, Studio Ochenta
Mary Mammoliti Cullinary Expert, Host, Producer, Kitchen Confession
Colin Anderson VP Content, Stitcher / Sirius XM
Chadwick Fortenberry Director of Production, Massive Mission
Suzanne Summerville Producer, Be Woke Vote
Rosa Jiménez Cano US Correspondent, D+I
Olga Shevchenko Creative Director, Vintage
Jon Laurence Supervising Executive Producer, AJ+
Jarred McGriff Founder, L2C Studios LLC
Davar Ardalan Executive Producer of Audio, National Geographic
Rachel Strauss-Muniz EP/HOST, Latinos Out Loud
Jeff Umbro CEO, The Podglomerate
Arielle Nissenblatt Head of Community & Content, SquadCast.fm
Suchandrika Chakrabarti Podcaster, comedian and writer, Freelance
Dalton Main Adjunct Professor, Freelance Podcast Producer, Roosevelt University
Lauren Ribando Software Engineer, Zwift
Michelle Xu Senior Audience Development Specialist, New York Public Radio (WNYC)
Dave Coustan Producer/Editor, iHeartMedia
Joni Deutsch Vice President, Marketing & Audience Development, The Podglomerate
Tamika Campbell Manager, DEI, L &D; Podcast Development; EP, iHeartMedia
Kathy Tu Head of Production, Wondery
Lisa Wingfield Senior Media Specialist, MAPS Media
Alexandra Zaslow Supervising Producer, At Will Media
Daniel da Hora CCO / Professor, UFPB
Gina McKeon Producer, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Karen Krizanovich Editor at Large, Civilian Global
Keven Campos Digital Manager, NBCUniversal
Alejandro Bermudez Regional Creative Director, Commonwealth McCANN
Brittany Rincon CEO and Founder, Hello Podcast Media
Ben Firth Creative Director, Factory Originals
Robert Li Owner, University FM
Mary Assadullahi Vice President, Realm
Alexander Adell Writer, Director, Magnesium Film, LLC
Ali Aitken Podcast Content & Partnership Manager, Paramount ANZ
Lowry Yankwich Independent Podcast Producer, LBY Media
JinJa Birkenbeuel President, Birk Creative
Megan Gilbert VP, FORTUNE Brand Studio, Fortune Media
Monica Espitia Podcast Producer, The Branch Media
Steve Lanham Mr, History Hit
Brianna Ansaldo Head Honcho, Bamby Media
Christine Dela Rosa Principal Strategist, Atlassian
Cesil Fernandes Executive Producer, CBC Podcasts
Karen Burgess Exec for Productions and People, Pacific Content
Adell Coleman Chief Operations Officer, DCP Entertainment
Ashley J Hobbs Creative Producer, Temple & Riot Productions
John Phillips Executive Editor, Bloomberg Media Studios, APAC, Bloomberg
Josh Bloch Director, USG audio
Christina Telesca Executive Assistant to the CEO, Realm
Heather Mason Marketing Lead, Realm
Kevin Hirten Senior Investigative Producer/ Podcast Host, Al Jazeera Media Network
Michelle Newman founder/producer, Newman Media
Annabel Garcia Eller Podcast Coordinator, A3 Artists Agency
Siobhan Flattery Podcast producer, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Talib Jasir Founder/CEO, Afros & Audio
Anh Gray Audio Coach, The GroundTruth Project
David Smith President, Part2 Pictures
Brimstone President, CEO & On-Air Talent, The Grindhouse Radio, Inc.
Calina Salgado Everything Is Better With Creators Producer, Whalar
Joshua Dudley Contributing Writer, Forbes
Marlene Sharp Executive Producer/Chief Creative Officer/Founder, Pink Poodle Productions
Emily Reeves Audio Producer, Emily Reeves Audio
Izzie Clarke Executive Producer, Fresh Air
Geoff Siskind Executive Producer, Antica Productions
Tyler Greene Independent , The Story Producer, LLC
Sari Weinerman Podcast Producer, Horizon Media
Melinda Wittstock CEO and Founder, Podopolo
T.J. Raphael Podcast Host, Senior Audio Producer, Reporter, Independent Audio Journalist
Jewel Marie Journalist/Writer/Communications Strategist , Independent