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Resources for Winners and Finalists

Congratulations! You’re a Signal Awards and Listener’s Choice Winner! Here you’ll find everything you need to celebrate your achievement.

1. Launch a Campaign to Share the News

Winning a Signal Award is a massive accomplishment, and one that can take your podcast to the next level. Center your win year-around in your marketing plan and communications.  Share the news with your colleagues, supporters, friends and family across the Internet.

2. Issue a Press Release

To make the most of your Signal Awards win, devise a targeted outreach plan to hit a variety of national, local, and online media. A good place to start is distributing a press release for your Signal Award win. This is a key part of developing your media campaign to generate attention from broadcast, print, radio/podcast, and online outlets. To help, we’ve put together a sample press release template for Signal Award Winners.

3. Put a Signal Winner Logo on Your Site

A little online makeover can go a long way. Call attention to your achievement, and spruce up your homepage with one of the badges we’ve made for you below.

4. Dispatch the News to a Listserv

Do you run a Substack or send a weekly newsletter? Spread the news of your achievement through a dedicated email, and communicate the significance of your Signal Award win. Your subscribers have supported your podcast and your journey through Listener’s Choice voting, so they’ll be thrilled to learn the news! Here’s a tip: Try to reach as many people as possible, and get personal. People want to know what this moment means to you.

5. Talk About it on Your Podcast

This should probably be number one on our list 🙂 The best place to advertise your Signal Award win is on your podcast! Your audience wants to know that you’ve achieved something great, so don’t be humble. Use your intro to talk about your win!<

6. Write Blog Posts and Articles

Once you’ve won a Signal Award, it’s time to spread the news. Crafting original content lets you tell the story of your Signal-winning work, and remain true to your brand’s voice while boosting engagementsite traffic, and overall support.

7. Spice Up Your Email Signature

Have your team highlight their Signal win in their email signatures. It’s the last thing people read in emails—why not end on a high note?


Show the world that you and your content have raised the bar for podcasting! Spread the word on social media and your website by downloading your badge.

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