"My passion is creativity and I am on a mission to live a more creative life."

Signal Awards Judge Abigail Gatling is an experienced marketer with a background in education, community engagement, design and PR at her company Crisp Communications Co. When Abigail isn’t offering bespoke and beautiful marketing and communications designed to grow businesses; she’s hard at work judging our 2nd Annual Signal Awards entrants! Abigail’s passion is creativity and on her quest to live a more creative life, here is what Abigail had to say about her podcast journey and some other fun facts!

What are some fun facts about you that people should know?

As you could probably tell by the name of my agency, I am a Crisp lover (Smith’s Original Crinkle Cut, if you’re interested!)… and I am just a little too obsessed with my sausage dog, Monty (currently my Head of Barketing at Crisp). My passion is creativity and I am on a mission to live a more creative life. So much so, that I started a podcast to help further that journey. In the Creativity: Uncovered podcast I speak with people from across a range of industries and walks of life, and find out how they successfully unlock, unleash and inspire their creativity. I have been a judge in several podcast awards, and look forward to being involved in this year’s Signal Awards.

What are you listening to this week?

It’s Never About Money – it’s interviews with people who are following their passions in life, and making a living out of it!

If you’re stuck on a desert island, what one podcast do you take with you?

Hmm hard to toss up whether I would go for one that is super fun to listen to (like Smartless) or one that would help me survive (would need to research that one! Thankfully haven’t needed it yet!)

What’s the most innovative podcast being made right now?

I think that The Imperfects is hitting it’s stride right now. It is a great concept, and has enough variety to keep you interested.

What podcasts have your favorite cover art?

I am biased… I design a LOT of covers. My favourites recently have been Sharing More Than The Sheets (a finance podcast), Good for the Bee (an ESG podcast) and For the Love of Pod (a podcast… about podcasts).

What podcast(s) made you fall in love with podcasting?

I first started managing podcasts back in 2019. Honestly, the podcast content itself was b.o.r.i.n.g. So, I thought to myself “if I am going to have to listen and promote these, then it needs to be better”. That challenge saw me radicalise the direction of that pod, and I absolutely loved seeing the transition into a podcast that was fun, interesting and won a few awards too!

What are your favorite true crime podcasts?

SBS’s True Stories

What podcasts make you laugh?

Anything featuring Shaun Micallef, Myf Warhurst, Frank Woodley… I could laugh along to them for hours!

What podcasts make you feel inspired?

Creative Pep Talk by Tony J Pizza

What podcast newsletters do you subscribe to?

Podnews, Sounds Profitable

What podcasts do you believe are underrated or deserving of more recognition?

So many Aussie podcasts! It is so good to hear more Australian voices on the airwaves.

What are some common mistakes or pitfalls that you see podcasts fall into, and how can podcasters avoid them?

Inconsistency. Getting so excited at the beginning and then getting busy or burning out, which results in episodes coming out a random intervals. My advice: set a realistic plan and build time into your week, each week, to achieve it.

What will you be looking for when reviewing Signal Award entries?

I am looking for unique stories, interesting angles and a few laughs or tears along the way.