Welcome Back!

Entries are open for The 2nd Annual Signal Awards! This year, we follow our successful first season with a celebration of podcasting’s diversity and ingenuity, honoring the upstarts and veterans who continually elevate this medium to its highest potential. Podcasts are everything — we commute, work, eat, sleep, and procrastinate to them. Our mission at The Signal Awards is to honor the Great Podcasts That Make Waves

By submitting your podcast into The Signal Awards, you can:

Grow your audience

Entering The Signal Awards places your podcast in the company of some of the industry’s best producers, talent, and companies.

Attract great talent

The best talent wants to work on the best projects, and winning a Signal Award sends a message that your podcast is the team to join. 

Celebrate your team 

Reward all the hard work you and your team have put into making your podcast great! Entering the Signal Awards is a wonderful way to validate their efforts and show them how much you appreciate their hard work.

Help set the benchmark for excellence 

The Signal Awards has established a standard for podcasting excellence. As we enter our second year, we’re looking for a new class of podcasts that represent exceptional quality. 

Earn new business 

Stand out in the growing world of podcasts: showcase to advertisers, grow your audience, build your profile, and expand your sponsor network.

Have your podcast judged by leaders in the industry 

Our Awards are overseen by The Signal Academy, a judging panel composed of the podcasting industry’s brightest luminaries and leaders. Some of our featured Signal Academy members this season include:

    • Joni Deutsch – Vice President, Marketing & Audience Development, The Podglomerate
    • John Phillips – Executive Editor, Bloomberg Media Studios, APAC
    • Molly Barton – CEO & Co-Founder, Realm
    • Jazmin Aguilera – Head of Audio, Los Angeles Times
    • Dan Franks – President, Podcast Movement
    • Michelle Newman – Founder, Newman Media
    • Lee Adams – Producer, Midnight Miracle Podcast
    • Annabel Garcia Eller – Podcast Coordinator, A3 Artists Agency
    • Kevin Hirten – Podcasts, Al Jazeera 
    • Talib Jasir – Founder/CEO, Afros & Audio