Common Sense Media is on a mission to make media and technology safer for kids, by reviewing tools and entertainment for them. The team shares which podcasts they love, and recommend for kids and families to enjoy.

As a leading nonprofit organization, Common Sense Media works to help kids navigate media and technology in a better way by reviewing everything from games to books, television, movies, and even podcasts to gauge its safety for kids. It’s an incredibly important mission that lets educators, parents and policy makers uplift digital content that supports children. 

What family-friendly content inspires them? In collaboration with the inaugural Signal Awards, we asked the team at Common Sense Media to share which podcasts they listen to, and would suggest to parents and kids alike. See their picks below.

Laura Ordoñez, Head of Podcast Ratings and Reviews Laura Ordoñez, Head of Podcast Ratings and Reviews

Podcast Pick: Dropping Gems with Devi Brown

This podcast is a true gem in itself. Devi Brown is insightful and inviting and her voice is so calming, it feels like I’m sitting down for a conversation with my best friend every time I listen. It’s all about growth, self-love, self-awareness and acceptance of the human experience. I always know I’ll walk away with actionable tools I can add to my life toolkit.


Jasmine Hood-Miller, Director, Community Content & Engagement Jasmine Hood-Miller, Director, Community Content & Engagement

Podcast Pick: Stoopkid Stories 

My kids and I love this podcast with smart and loveable characters who sound just like our friends and family, with relatable stories that are just the right tone and length to share some wisdom and keep us entertained.

Raisa Masood, Content Editor Raisa Masood, Content Editor

Podcast Pick: Once Upon a Crescent 

This sweet podcast explores everyday challenges a Muslim kid might face and celebrates Islamic traditions through short bedtime stories. It’s very relatable for me and my family, which is why I’ve happily shared it with family members who have little kids.


Jordan Lee Willox, Director of Video Content & Strategy Jordan Lee Willox, Director of Video Content & Strategy

Podcast Pick: Our Fake History 

A cool history podcast that examines historical events and characters and tries to separate fact from fiction. The host is a pretty down to earth regular guy with a history degree and he does a pretty thorough job of figuring out what to believe about debated topics like Atlantis or Cleopatra—even Santa Claus. He also examines his own biases a lot, as well as the biases of Western historians in general, and owns up when he gets things wrong (including pronunciation). It’s generally good stuff for older kids and adults.


Lorena Táboas, Media Relations Manager Lorena Táboas, Media Relations Manager

Podcast Pick: Wow in the World 

My 7-year-old loves this quirky science podcast filled with interesting random facts about animals, space and the world around us. The hosts explore a different topic each episode, like bee vomit and what stars are made of, and teach kids the answers through comedy and conversation. It’s the first kids podcast I’ve listened to that’s entertaining for parents, too.


Tali Horowitz, New York Education Director Tali Horowitz, New York Education Director

Podcast Pick: Circle Round 

Host Rebecca Sheir adapts stories from around the world and then famous actors perform them. I love listening to good stories – as do my kids (5 and 7). We also appreciate identifying which parts of the world they originated from and how many similarities there are. It’s a great way to be entertained, internalize important lessons and learn about different countries and cultures – and it’s a very welcome break from Disney-type fairytales.


Jill Murphy, Editor in Chief, Head of Distribution Jill Murphy, Editor in Chief, Head of Distribution

Podcast Pick: Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting 

Dr. Lisa Damour nails the balance of relating and validating the emotions that can come along with parenting, and teaches her audience how and why we shouldn’t put that on our kids. She’s wonderful in her approach and so practical which is not always the case when it comes to the topic of parenting advice. Her co-host, Reena Ninan uses her lens of inquisitive journalistic experience but is also able to play to the needs of the average listener. They have become my go-to for all of the tough stuff.


Mary Aviles, Spanish Language Editor Mary Aviles, Spanish Language Editor

Podcast Picks: La historia del mundo: 

I’ve learned a lot with this one. Diana Uribe is a historian and philosopher and she really goes in depth: from politics to culture to explain the different events that change the world.


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