We are so excited to begin accepting entries to the inaugural Signal Awards! Signal aims to set the standard for excellence in podcasting, and this is your chance to make your podcast part of that benchmark.

In case you are still on the fence, allow us to present seven great reasons why you should submit your podcast to the Signal Awards:


1. Make your podcast part of the conversation! 

Be at the center of where the industry discovers the next great podcasts, talent and companies. 

2. Attract great talent

Let the best talent know that yours is the podcast to work on. Great people want to work on the best projects, and having your podcast be a part of Signal puts your work into that category.

3. Celebrate your team 

Reward all the hard work you and your team have put into making your podcast great. Entering the Signal Award is a wonderful way to validate their efforts and show them how much you appreciate their work.

4. Help set the standard for excellence 

Signal Awards aims to set the standard for excellence in podcasting. Join us in our founding year to be a part of that benchmark. We are bringing the best partners, talent, advertising and podcasts together; this is your chance to be a part of it.

5. Earn new business 

Stand out in the growing world of podcasts: showcase to advertisers, grow your audience, build your profile, and expand your sponsor network.

6. Join a thriving community of your podcasting peers By entering you join the Signal community full of other podcaster professionals. Plus, think of how fun it will be to come together with other podcasters to celebrate in person at the Signal Awards show!

7. Have your podcast judged by leaders in the industry 

Signal Founding Judges are an exclusive panel of podcast luminaries. By entering, you will have you podcast listened to and analyzed by the likes of:

    • Rae Votta – Global Editorial and Publishing/Podcasts, Netflix
    • Jody Avirgan – Host, This Day in Esoteric Political History
    • Michael Gluckstadt Director of Podcast Content, HBO Max
    • Trevor McNeal – Global Social Marketing Lead, Podcasts at Amazon Music
    • Ray Chao – General Manager of Audio, Vox Media
    • Nikki Silva – Co-founder, The Kitchen Sisters
    • Debbie Millman Host, Design Matters
    • DeRay Mckesson – Co-founder & Executive Chair, Campaign Zero
    • Jessica Cordova Kramer – CEO and Co-founder, Lemonada Media
    • Anna Hossnieh – Executive Producer, iHeartRadio