"Podcasts are life partners, with us when we need them and wherever we go."

When Jess created Lemonada with Stephanie Wittels Wachs, the two women were strangers. But recent grief had brought them together through the thing that unites us all: podcasts. Lemonada is a women-run podcast network that shares the unfiltered version of the human experience. It produces heart-warming and groundbreaking podcasts like Good Grief, Add To Cart, I’m Sorry, and No-one Is Coming To Save Us.

In anticipation of the Signal Awards launch, we sat down with Jess, one of our Founding Judges, to talk about her passion and predictions for the podcast industry.

Signal: What are you listening to this week?

Jess: Always listening to Lemonada shows, of course. I also love MPR daily, and Invisibilia. They have an older two-part series on Emotions that changed my life.

Signal: What was your gateway podcast? (the podcast that got you into podcasts)

Jess: Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Signal: What do you see podcasts disrupting most this coming year?

Jess: BEING Studios Audio Reality ™ from Lemonada – just wait! April 28. We’re reinventing everything.


We are excited to see what Lemonada has planned for this year, and are looking forward to listening to the podcasts they’ve got in store. You can read more about Lemonada at lemonadamedia.com, and follow Lemonada on Twitter here.